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  • Autoequivalences of Abelian Varieties over C from Automorphisms over p.  

I show that for the case of elliptic curves, even though the genus is not zero, still every automorphism lifts as a morphism if and only if it lifts as a derived autoequivalence to a characteristic zero lift, which is not the case for higher dimensional Abelian varieties, where there will exist non-liftable automorphisms that lift as a derived autoequivalence. But even for the case of elliptic curves, there are more ways to lift an automorphism as an autoequivalence than just as a morphism, although
in this the autoequivalence we get are just twist of the lift of automorphism with the lift of the structure sheaf of the graph of the automorphism. I am investigating the case of higher dimensional
Abelian varieties now with non-liftable automorphism, to understand what derived equivalences they induce.

  • Counting Twisted Derived Equivalent Ordinary K3 Surfaces, joint with Sofia Tirabassi and Piotr Achinger.

We show that every Brauer class over an ordinary K3 surface has a preferred lift to the canonical lift of the underlying K3 surface and then we are working on a theory of moduli space of twisted K3 surfaces in characteristic p to be able to count the number of twisted derived Fourier-Mukai partner of an ordinary K3 surface.

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